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Healthy Warriors Australasia - Mission

An Australian Veteran based Business unit. Our team has served our nation, dating back to the 1980s. We have all been involved in operations (directly or indirectly) around the world over 30 years, on most of the continents and regions. We have seen the impact of war, conflict, loss of life, damage to community, infrastructure and injuries to the innocent. We survive, but we too, are broken physically and mentally. We know what it is like to get what is truly needed - NOT easy, or NOT affordable! The market of current tools just doesn't always fit all needs or ages…

Healthy Warriors Australasia - Our Values

To serve and protect the innocent. To serve with Courage, Honesty and hold our Integrity to the highest of standards and expectations. To enable others to live their life in peace and safety. To give them the tools and knowledge to prosper and grow - as individuals and communities. These values, qualities, discipline and passion to support others lessable, who need help and assistance are now being applied to our involvement within our larger broken community. We will do so via providing quality products and services at the most affordable price possible, in a professional, timely manner ensuring our INTEGRITY is always front and centre. (Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change)

Healthy Warriors Australasia - Our Goals

To support the disabled, elderly veterans and aged community individuals live their lives to the fullest, as active and productive members. Enable freedom to embrace and access community activities, locations and treasures. Bring tools to simplified mobility in and out of the home. Provide health monitoring tools, to complement the emergency contact support and access. Deliver quality products at a fair and affordable price. Commitment As Healthy Warriors team and company grow and commit to all of our clients and staff we will keep true to upholding these standards and expectations. Gregory Mark Chamberlain January 2024

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